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Easy Sugarfree New Recipes, Issue #002 -- Easy Oatmeal Cookies
April 22, 2016

Oats are Comforting in the Cooler Weather

The weather is finally cooling down here in Sydney, after an extra month of hot summer. The cooler days are a relief and I can now enjoy hot cups of tea with a biscuit again.

So it's about time I posted my recent adventures into oatmeal cookies. I've written up two recipes for you that I baked a while ago but hadn't got around to posting yet. Both are delicious and I will definitely be doing them again.

The Oat and Macadamia cookie disappeared very fast in my house. My Oat and Raisin ones only lasted longer because I hid some in an Arnotts vintage opaque biscuit tin - out of sight, out of mind! I got to finish them off at my own pace. YUM!

Show me the Oatmeal Cookie Recipes now!

I hope you enjoy these delicious cookies as much as I do!


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