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Sugarfree Easily, Issue #003 -- Easy Sugar Free Fruit Muffins
January 22, 2018

Turn Summer Fruit into Favourite Muffins Sugar Free

My newest recipes are now here! I've been working up a few new fruit muffins for you to make at home.

Apple & Cinnamon has long been favourite of mine. They are so light and fluffy with a hint of cinnamon and glints of red from the apple skins (left in for extra fibre and colour).

I tried out a version of blueberry muffin using tinned blueberries, for when they are out of season, and they worked wonderfully.

There is also a redone recipe for raspberry coconut muffin which is much-loved by the staff at my kid's Daycare. (My little man took them in for his birthday)

New fruit muffins recipes here

New Chocolate Muffin Varieties: Vegetables or Gluten Free

I have finally written up my Chocolate Zucchini Muffin recipe! It is a variation on the Choc Zucchini Loaf but, of course, it is much quicker to bake as a muffin. And for those needed gluten-free baked goodies, here is my first attempt at a gluten free muffin. It came out delicious!

There is a new Pinterest account and Facebook page where you can find my new recipes if you prefer that to a newsletter.

Pinterest: EasySugarfree Facebook:

I hope you enjoy baking these delicious muffins as much as I do!

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